Lufthansa first airline to announce their own virtual reality app

Update: Revealing our latest virtual + augmented reality work for Lufthansa and LEGO
Update: Revealing our latest VR / AR work for Lufthansa + LEGO at a lecture at Darmstadt University

If you have attended my lecture at Darmstadt University earlier this month you can now guess what’s coming.

The university — where I’m a regular lecturer in digital trends and product design — has been the first place where we introduced our Virtual Reality plans at Lufthansa to the public.  In a speech about the significance of Augmented and Virtual Reality for our clients we presented our work for LEGO and Lufthansa.

And now I am happy to reveal to everyone outside the classroom that 3spin and Lufthansa announce the first mobile Virtual Reality app in the airline industry.

When we started working on Virtual Reality with Lufthansa early this year we sure were one of the first airlines to think about this topic at all. Which is quite surprising after you realize the potential for the industry. Since then a lot has happened and this is just the next consistent step in our strategy.

Virtual Reality has turned out to be one of the most progressive technologies for the travel business. In my opinion it may be just as important as the introduction of the first iPhone (I can feel the tension rising after saying this). Honestly, some day VR might even become a competitor to travel but we are still far from that.

As of today what travellers are seeking is inspiration. Speaking from an airline perspective they want to try before they fly.

And VR can be just that. The most immersive and emotional travel inspiration ever seen. Clients can explore far away places in a very authentic way. This desire is really nothing new. In the early days people looked at photos in the travel agencies’ magazines.

This was disrupted by platforms like Trip Advisor that now allowed for user-generated content. Actual travellers shared photos with potential guests. And then there is Google Earth. People revealed if there really wasn’t a highway between the hotel and the beach. In Google Street View travellers even started roaming through the surrounding neighbourhoods of their next vacation spot.

Finally there is Virtual Reality to do all of these things in a really immersive way. And of course we want to make sure customers can do this whereever they are. So it is just logical for us to introduce a mobile app to do this. That app will first be given to sales staff as a tool to show to their customers while on the road.

But believe me, we have many even more distrupting ideas and plans which I can’t tell you about right know. Wait for our next official announcements and let your imagination run wild :-)!