Lufthansa announces world’s first Virtual Reality In-flight Entertainment

Of course, on a good airline your holiday should already start on or even before the flight. But we all know it — with most airlines this is far from real. I have however always enjoyed flying with Lufthansa. That is (unfortunately) not because I can afford to pay for their amazing First Class.

No, one reason for this is their amazing free selection of Inflight-Entertainment content on intercontinental flights in Economy. There’s nothing better on a flight than realising I am able to choose from a selection that has just been released at the movie theatres. That way if I’m not able to sleep (which I usually am) I can easily spend a 10 hour flight watching 3 or 4 movies.

And this brings me to the point where I have a really amazing announcement to make. I am proud to say that today at the exclusive DLD conference Lufthansa and 3spin have revealed their plans to … (this is the part that has given me goose bumps for days :-)) … trial Virtual Reality IFE. Lufthansa has been quietly “playing” with Virtual Reality for a couple of months and is now ready to share this with a group of entrepeneurs and influencers in Munich.

As you might have read earlier Lufthansa is the first airline to have their own mobile virtual reality app which is being used in mobile situations such as direct sales. IFE is just such a mobile situation. You guess it, IFE is usually a very integrated part of an aircraft and therefore complex to develop, install, maintain and update.

Which is exactly why in parallel to stationary systems, airlines like Lufthansa are also shifting into the direction of BYOD (bring your own device). Many guests bring their tablet PC and phones on the plane already. So why not use these mobile devices to be innovative and quickly deliver a VR experience on the plane.

In my opinion IFE is the ideal platform for 360° entertainment and VR goggles allow for an amazingly immersive experience that beams the wearer right into another world. And that is exactly the world Lufthansa is associating itself with — travel destinations. That way I will be able to virtually sit on a beach already while I may still have a 3 hour flight ahead of me.

And I don’t only think of this as a means of relaxing (which it obviously is) but also as a way to prepare myself for the arrival. Basically I can watch a 360 travel documentary of the destination I’m currently flying to. And I can watch one of my next dream destination on the way back home.

Is 360° In-flight Entertainment something you’ve been waiting for? Then watch this space. I will keep you updated on the latest developments at Lufthansa.