3spin and Kolle Rebbe develop interactive 360° billboard “Travel Compass”

Virtual Reality is a fascinating technology. And as I am such a big fan of it we are always looking for new ways to make it accessible to a wider group of people. This is one reason I love Google Cardboard.

Virtual Reality experiences can be created in a way that can be enjoyed by any age or target group. At 3spin we were very successful in that regard when we presented our Lufthansa VR Experience at the ITB in Berlin.

And of course we keep inventing. This time we have developed a solution that is not limited to events and goggles. It’s a new 360° billboard for Lufthansa that can even be used outside in the winter and in bad weather conditions.

If you have followed 3spin’s work you might remember our 360° “Digital Telescope” billboard that we have created for Mercedes-Benz with our colleagues at Waidmann/Post. It allows users to turn the billboard around 360° and view live video content enhanced with augmented virtual elements.

Mercedes Benz 360° Augmented Reality billboard
Mercedes Benz 360° Augmented Reality billboard

At the time we presented this project to our client Lufthansa coincidently our partners at Kolle Rebbe were pushing in the same direction and even convinced Lufthansa to use a huge outdoor screen instead of an iPad. We decided to join forces to develop this amazing device with our client.

By turning the billboard around 360° users can visit Lufthansa destinations. Take at look:

Lufthansa 360° Travel Compass billboard
Lufthansa 360° Travel Compass billboard

You can see how it works in this cool video.

We have produced 360° holiday videos specifically for this billboard at 6 destinations worldwide. Users will be able to immerse themselves at locations like Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Lombard Street in San Francisco or Lana Temple in Beijing.

On top of that we implemented an additional idea our colleagues came up with. We integrated a camera that projects a picture of the users onto a New York building street art style. This can be optionally shared on social media channels.